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Pro.Monitor V6

    for SAP NetWeaver® & SAP S4/HANA®

    A versatile solution for monitoring SAP NetWeaver, SAP S/4HANA and HANA systems. It has been designed to focus on the quality of service of your systems while reducing operational cost and complexity.

    Based on 15 years of SAP Professional services, we embedded our expertise and best practices into a plug and play solution that can be deployed in a few hours.

    Extremely simple to use, anybody can actually execute expert tasks without any hassles and maintain the surveillance of a large SAP landscape.

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    Go live within a dayNo agent, no transport Auto discovery of SAP landscapeTedious tasks automation

    Expert inside

    15 years of professional services Preconfigured alarms and metrics Customizable use case checksDaily reports


    Simply adds SAP to your current monitoring solutionCan connect with most monitoring and ITSM platforms of the market


    Modern Look & FeelStandardized configuration interfacePredefined monitoring profilesBecome a super user in a few hours


    Prevent downtime

    • With our monitoring library of preconfigured alerts and KPIs, you can proactively detect problems before they become critical and bring your system down
    • Based on a trend, we can forecast the evolution of system metrics and warn you hours (if not days) in advance that a critical situation will arrive.

    Improve performance

    • The response time of your transactions will be monitored closely. As soon as a performance drop is detected you will be notified so you can react and solve the problem much faster.
    • With our monitoring profiles, you can easily enforce a global “monitoring policy” to apply on all systems thus making sure that they remain clean without constant repetitive errors consuming resources.

    Improve your productivity

    • Many manual tasks have been automated. Your monitoring team can spend much more time on productive tasks rather than checking the systems.
    • Daily check or problem triage is no longer a burden for your team.
    • The administrator responsible for a set of SAP Jobs, IDOC or RFC destination can be notified automatically as soon as a problem is detected in their area.

    Optimized monitoring cost

    • Our solution allows you to reduce the manpower dedicated to monitoring, and transfer it to projects that add value to your business. The cost of the monitoring can now become an investment.

    Extend your monitoring

    • If you want to monitor more aspects of your environment but you don’t have the resources, this solution will provide the necessary monitors without the cost related to SAP know-how, configuration efforts, and its maintenance.

    MSP businesses

    • You want to create a service offer for SAP monitoring, but SAP is complex and the investment in SAP expert manpower is not an option for you.
    • Our solution will help to reduce significantly your investment and to offer a full featured service at a competitive price.


    • Optimize team productivity and monitoring cost
    • Maximize investments in SAP by preserving a high level of service for your applications
    • Reduce expertise dependency on the monitoring
    • Ensure SLA is respected by their service provider


    • Finally a simple and user friendly solution for your daily work
    • Automates many repetitive tasks, like problem triage, performance check, etc…
    • Reduce daily check task to a single minute per system
    • Extensive monitoring configuration mechanism allowing to cover very specific use cases
    • Auto discovery of SAP components for a very fast configuration


    • Accurately monitor your SLA
    • Reports for capacity planning
    • Role-based interface for an adapted display
  • Features

    24/7 real time monitoring

    • All components of you SAP environment will be checked all day long
    • Alerts and metrics are generated based on customizable monitoring profiles
    • An advanced surveillance engine allows a very flexible configuration of the monitoring
    • Appropriate persons will be notified automatically as soon as a problem of their concern occurs

    Expert Monitors

    • Based on years of experience and best practices, we tailored our own set of monitors
    • It has been designed to address the specific needs for the watch of a large SAP landscape
    • We do not rely on CCMS to collect SAP metrics, our monitors are more accurate and reliable
    • We are however 100% compatible with CCMS and can discover any of its metric on the fly


    • Automatic generation of daily check reports: Save hours of manually check per month
    • Generates usage analysis reports for capacity planning


    • You don’t need to install anything on your SAP systems: No agent, no transport
    • Our solution will connect remotely to your systems via SAP standard protocols, preserving the security set in place
    • We simply need a communication user with a secured authorization profile


    • You can integrate SAP monitoring to your preferred monitoring and CMDB platform at the same time
    • Multiple connectors are available for a fast and easy integration


    • Our solution will discover your SAP landscape from the SLD and let you choose which components will be monitored
    • You can organize the systems by functional groups
    • Most metrics of your ABAP or Java SAP system can be discovered and monitored

    Change tracking

    • Each configuration change can be tracked and commented. You always know who did a change and for which purpose.

    Versatile alarm filter

    • Create your finely grained alarm filter to make sure that each alarm notification finds the appropriate people by the appropriate way.
    • Filters and recipients can be active according to a given schedule, in order to reflect time zone differences.
  • Monitors Details

    SAP NetWeaver S4/HANA

    • ICM/Webdispatcher & Backup
      • ICM/Webdispatcher & BackupMonitors the status of the ICM and web dispatcher services.
      • TRFC/QRFCMonitors queued and transactionnal remote function calls.
    • Unified db size & backup
      • Unified db size & backupVendor independent database utilization and backup.
    • Sap instances
      • Sap instancesMonitors the availability of each application server.
    • abap short dumps
      • abap short dumpsDetects short dumps and sends alarms with filters based on instance, client, program or user.
    • rfc destinations
      • rfc destinationsMonitors the availability of destinations from every application server.
    • ABAP locks
      • ABAP locksMonitors lock wait time on objects.
    • exclusive locks
      • exclusive locksDetects long exclusive locks held on database objects.
    • sap os collector
      • sap os collectorMonitors CPU, disk, memory of each instance.
    • transports
      • transportsChecks for failed transports and sends alarms based on user and client filters.
    • sap updates
      • sap updatesDetects failed, incomplete or inconsistent updates. Monitors SAP updates service.
    • batch inputs
      • batch inputsMonitors the state of batch input and sends alarms on errors.
    • enqueue management
      • enqueue managementMonitors enqueue requests rate, granule entries,arguments, owner names…
    • idoc
      • idocDetects IDOC messages in error or waiting states.
    • sap change settings
      • sap change settingsMonitors changes in your system and client settings.
    • sap daily report
      • sap daily reportImproved SAP Monitoring & utilization reports.
    • abap system performance
      • abap system performanceMonitors Steps rate, response times, user connection.
    • sap transactions
      • sap transactionsMonitors the average execution time per step of one or a group of transactions.
    • PI/XI
      • PI/XIMonitors the status of PI/XI messages and communication channels.
    • sap memory
      • sap memoryMonitors SAP buffers, extended and heap memory utilization.
    • spool & spool requests
      • spool & spool requestsMonitors the error frequency in the spool, the service status, wait time, etc…
    • sap jobs & process chains
      • sap jobs & process chainsMonitors in real time the status, duration, delay and occurrence of SAP jobs & process chains.
    • sap connect
      • sap connectMonitors the states of the SAP Connect outgoing messages.
    • abap dispatcher & work process
      • abap dispatcher & work processMonitors the dispatcher queues and work process utilization.
    • system logs
      • system logsDetects and counts the occurrence of patterns in the system logs.


    • CPU
      • CPUMonitors the CPU usage of HANA instances at different levels (Instance level : all services combined, Service level : CPU usage of one service), as well as usage over a period of time (smoothed).
    • DISK
      • DISKMonitors the disk space used of the HANA database at different levels (instance level and service level). Disk utilizations are split into several categories: DATA, LOG, TRACE, DATA_BACKUP and LOG_BACKUP. For each category, you can monitor the current disk usage as well as the delta usage over a period of time.
    • Table size
      • Tables sizeThis will monitor the following aspects of the database column store tables: the number of records, the number of delta records (not persistently written), the amount of delta memory (space used by delta records), the disk space used by the table.
    • Statistics
      • StatisticsThis monitor will check for the time taken by the merge operation applied on each table.
    • Requests
      • RequestsThis monitor will check for long running requests. You can define a max runtime threshold in order to be notified if a thread is running for too long.
    • Services
      • ServicesThis monitor will watch for the availability of following SAP Hana services: nameserver, indexserver, statistics server, xsengine, preprocessor, daemon, it will send an alarm if one of the services is not running, and can send metrics containing service status.
    • Alerts
      • AlertsThis monitor will collect the current alerts from HANA statistics engine and forward them.
    • Memory
      • MemoryMonitors the memory usage of the HANA database at different levels (instance level and service level) and gives the possibility to monitor the current memory consumption as well as an increase of the consumption over a given period of time.
    • Connections
      • ConnectionsThis monitor will check the number of current connections to the database. It differentiates RUNNING connections from IDLE connections.
    • Transactions
      • TransactionsThis monitor will look for blocked transactions and notify when too many transactions are blocked since too long time.
    • Replication
      • ReplicationThis monitor will check the replication shipping statistics of HANA database. It will monitor the flow of log and data segments between primary and secondary, looking for delay or size issues: log data shipping delay, log data size to ship, last delta data size to ship, last delta data size shipping duration
    • Backup
      • BackupThis monitor will check that the backups are executed correctly and on time. It will also monitor the backup duration and the size of generated files.
  • Get Started?

    Once installed, you can give access to your SAP landscape directory.

    All registered SAP components will be discovered and you can choose which environment will be monitored.

    Choose how your systems will be monitored amongst a list of preconfigured monitoring profiles.

    Customize specific use cases if needed.

    You are all set!


    SAP monitoring
    for ScienceLogic EM7

    SAP monitoring
    for ServiceNow

    SAP monitoring
    for CA UIM

    SAP monitoring
    for other platforms

    SAP monitoring for Science Logic EM7

    Our plugin for EM7 makes possible to integrate SAP monitoring within the best in breed IT monitoring platform, from ScienceLogic.

    Once you get the SAP "power pack" installed in EM7, few clicks later you get your SAP context populated with live metrics, alerts and configuration data.

    With EM7's ability to detect cross technology dependencies and its clever alarm management system, you have the perfect tool for spotting and eliminating problems from your SAP systems.

    SAP monitoring for ServiceNow

    Integrate SAP monitoring in your preferred Enterprise Service Management platform: "ServiceNow". With our dedicated plugin, monitoring information generated by Pro.Monitor can be integrated in your ServiceNow applications.

    Discover also our "SAP cockpit" application (Available on the ServiceNow store SOON). The first application entirely dedicated to the management of your SAP systems from within a service management platform :

    • Manage SAP systems monitoring
    • Define SLAs and reporting
    • Create and update incidents automatically
    • Define system management and escalation policies
    • Organize shifts and responsibilities for your teams
    • Build up collaborative knowledge base
    • On demand professional services for specific integrations

    SAP Monitoring for CA UIM

    Our plugin for CA UIM makes possible to integrate SAP monitoring within the UIM unified monitoring portal. This integration is done by simply deploying a dedicated probe on a robot close to your systems.

    This integration can be setup in few minutes only. Once done, SAP alarms and metrics will automatically flow in your UIM platform and be visible from the USM console with zero configuration

    To go further, we also deliver SAP dashboads package ready to be imported in the UIM portal and used out of the box.

    SAP monitoring for other platforms

    Pro.Monitor V6 offers multiple integration plugins for connecting with third party environments. The list is constantly growing and we are working on providing integration with the most common monitoring, ESM or productivity platforms of the market:

    • Zenoss
    • Centreon
    • Big Panda

    Of course, monitoring information generated by Pro.Monitor can also be propagated via standard protocols like SNMP or emails.

    If a plugin for you preferred platform is missing, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will collaborate with you to make it available.

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    • One entry fee
    • Maintenance 20% per year
    • Price is based on the number of SAP systems
    • Volume and contract term discount available
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