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Pro.Monitor for SAP HANA

    for SAP HANA®

    Based on Pro.Monitor V6 monitoring engine, our solution will automatically monitor the resources and internal components of your SAP HANA system. Simple to use and efficient, it can be deployed in few minutes and used by non-expert people. You can connect it very easily to any of your existing monitoring and service management platforms.

    Once deployed, the solution will automatically find your SAP HANA landscape. You can then start using our preconfigured monitoring profiles or create your own. With our flexible monitors, you can then tailor the configuration to your specific needs.

    As it is not specific to any application, you can use this solution to monitor your SAP HANA system for SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business One and so on…

  • Advantages

    • Rapidly monitor all important aspects of your HANA system
    • Simplify and centralize the monitoring
    • Detect problems faster and avoid critical situations
    • Save time in daily operations

    Simple and efficient

    • Installed and setup in few minutes
    • Auto discover all HANA components
    • Preconfigured monitoring library

    Flexible and powerful

    • Template based configuration mechanisms
    • Customizable monitors
    • Real time alerting
    • Collects metrics for dashboards
    • Report generation

    Open to any platform

    • Plug-in capability your preferred monitoring or ITSM platform
    • Alerts, metrics and reports can be easily integrated in third party applications
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  • Pricing


    • Monthly rate
    • Maintenance included


    • One entry fee
    • Maintenance 20% per year
    • Price is based on the number of SAP systems
    • Volume and contract term discount available
    • For MSP Custom Pricing contact us here