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My Production Add-on

  • Overview

    This module fully integrated within SAP Business One enables you to record production times and quantities with an intuitive interface from different types of devices (PC, Tablets, WiFi terminals, ...).

    Configurable from SAP Business One, it offers the flexibility to change user behavior and may also be used by a part-time employee or your production operators. It is part of a complete module for production management that also allows the management of allotments.

    • Accelerate and secure your production moves
    • Easily put in place an output quality control
  • Features

    Multi-device compatibility

    • PC and WiFi terminals
    • Tablets
    • Scanners

    Input interface for key production information

    • Time tracking: Record the time consumed by a resource.
    • Consumption: Record output for producing the articles of the production order
    • Stock entry: Record produced articles in the stock entry.

    Record allotment number

    • Group production orders based on allotment number.

    Quality control

    • Define quality controls based on an article or group of articles.
    • Customizable quality control for the users
  • Quality control

    • Configure quality controls from SAP Business One based on product groups
    • Fill in test results from your terminals
    • Trigger appropriate workflow based on the results
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  • Pricing

    • Base module: €2500
    • Quality control add-on: €2500
    • 200€ per terminal
    • Setup and start up: Starting at €2000
    • Discount based on volume and contract terms
    • Reseller partners, Contact us for a distribution price list