SAP BusinessObjects

Pro.Monitor is the (agentless!) Datadog backend component that integrates with SAP BusinessObjects platforms to monitor services, reports, system metrics… to make operation tasks much easier & much more proactive.

Using remote agentless connection and preconfigured monitoring templates, this integration can go live in just a few minutes: it is configured out of the box to monitor key services and reports that will lead to an increased SAP team’s efficiency, an improved SAP solution performance & quality and will bottom line deliver an ROI of less than 12 month (usually).

Get powerful monitoring in minutes

Monitoring is powered by AGENTIL Software’s Pro.Monitor platform.

With our SAP BusinessObjects integration you can monitor systems’ health and performance: 

  • Monitor SAP BusinessObjects’ servers and performance
  • Discover and monitor key server metrics
  • Monitor reports and track failures
  • Get SAP alerts integrated with Service Management tools

Pricing and Features


SAP Managed service providers and Enterprises will both benefit from this solution offering. From having only a few or up to thousands of SAP landscapes the ROI would be given.

  • Enterprises with SAP landscape of any size, looking for a simple and efficient way to monitor their systems, while improving their operations by automation.
  • SAP Managed service providers who want to monitor thousands of systems across hundreds of customers in a central, standardized, and easy way using modern automation capabilities.

Pro.Monitor delivers the following actions:

  • Collects a variety of SAP data “agentless” and analyze key SAP metrics 
  • Automate manual operation
  • Provide a set of reports to the different “personas” (“role of consumers”)
  • Raise meaningful alerts (ideally before any unplanned outage occurs)
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps (Notify, raise incidents, trigger actions)

Fast: Installed and configured in less than a day

Easy: Out of the box, preconfigured monitoring profiles makes the configuration settings and tuning super easy

Comprehensive: Tackles your complex monitoring use cases thanks to the extensive monitoring library

Flexible: By using our product, you become a partner who participates to product roadmap

  • Server Status

  • Concurrent users


  • Server metrics


  • Server properties


  • Schedules and reports


  • CMC / Audit warnings

When a prospect/customer either uses SAP (Enterprise) or offers SAP services/hosting to their end customers (SAP Managed Service Providers).

Typical use cases might be:

    • Improve visibility and reduce MTTI / MTTR
    • Monitor specific critical business processes
    • Simplify central monitoring of huge SAP landscapes
    • Reduce manual operations through automation
    • Integrate SAP monitoring with 3rd party apps

A Pro.Monitor collector acts as a proxy between Datadog and your SAP systems. The collector remotely connects to the systems.


  • A Pro.Monitor license, requested at support(@)
  • A dedicated Linux VM
  • Network routes open toward SAP application ports
  • A dedicated communication user created on each system
  • See AGENTIL’s Pro.Monitor Prerequisites Documentation for more details.


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